Hello there! Normalnice is a design studio founded in 2010 Bangkok, Thailand by me **Piti Patcharavalai**.

With over 15 years in digital design and transformation, My expertise spans new media, regional music streaming, online fashion retail, and financial services.

Professional Journey

I began as a digital designer focused on user-centric design and research, with a foundation in information architecture. My experience includes teaching at universities, working in big tech and startups, and offering concept prototyping to propose innovative tech solutions. I have evolved into a design leader, collaborating with product owners and C-suite executives.

Key Accomplishments

Digital Product by Next Stationery

Next Stationery is a brand I found for some of my digital product.

I am now pivoting to business transformation roles, aiming to drive growth and success through strategic vision and innovation. Let's connect to explore how we can transform challenges into opportunities.